Physio hyperthermia is the first diathermia that combines two sources of energy in order to apply the proper therapeutic dose and measure its effects on the patient.

Tecar Therapy

Tecar Therapy is based on the principle of capacitive/resistive energy transfer: the devices of Easytech enable to administer the adequate amount of energy to activate in the most effective way the regenerative and reparative, as well as the anti-inflammatory and analgesic processes.


Isokinetic is a consolidated method employed in rehabilitation to assess and increase the strength and resistance of muscular groups during a functional movement.

Percutaneus electrical stimulation

Percutaneus electrical stimulation and regenerative electrolysis are used to decrease pain or spasm and induce a damage tissue to move from a chronic phase to an acute phase, so as to activate and speed up the healing process.


Heat administration and removal to activate the biological effects providing evident benefits in the first phases of the rehabilitation program.

Auxotonic Work

The elastic resistance, characterised by progressive load and absence of inertia, allows performing tests and exercises according to the individual motor abilities.

Proprioceptive re-education

The proprioceptive workout improves the abilities of controlling the joint movement, for the total recovery of the gesture.

Nordic Hamstring

Muscle activation tests and exercises to increase strength and prevent injuries.


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