Genu Line

Isokinetic dynamometers for the evaluation and recovery of the knee joint.

What is Genu

GenuLine for isokinetic exercises GenuLine for isokinetic exercises

The Genu line devices have been designed to perform isokinetic exercises with the knee joint. A constant movement at angular speed is imposed to the patient to express maximum force during the entirety of the movement. Genu Iso and Genu Plus are both isokinetic dynamometers, i.e., devices capable of measuring the expressed force at every moment. Both devices are fundamental to test the rehabilitation and training progress of the flexor-extensor function of the knee.

Genu Iso is a class I medical device in compliance with EU directives.

Genu Plus is a class IIb medical device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

Isokinetics is a methodology often used in the rehabilitation field to evaluate and increase the force and resistance of muscular groups. The term isokinetic contraction defines a contraction in which the muscle either shortens (concentric) or lengthens (eccentric) at constant angular speed throughout the entirety of the movement.

Easytech’s Genu Line focuses exclusively on the knee joint and proposes two models.

In addition, Genu Iso is an hydraulic brake dynamometer which works in a passive way and can be utilized for isokinetic exercises of contractions in concentric or isometric mode.

Genu Plus is instead a dynamometer equipped with a hydraulic motor which can work actively and passively, can be used for isokinetic, concentric and isometric exercises, and for exercises in eccentric, mixed and passive mode.

Moreover, Genu line devices are particularly suitable for muscular and joint traumatology applications, postoperative recovery and for the training of the healthy subject.

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