Physio Invasiva 2.0

Percutaneus electrical stimulation
Device for the performance of Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Electrolysis (USGET).

What is Physio Invasiva 2.0

Physio Invasiva 2.0 is a versatile electromedical device designed for use in hospital and clinical environments. It employs all of the most efficient and innovative electrical currents in the percutaneous electrolysis field. In addition, the device allows the operator to precisely measure and control the intensity of the administered energy and of the application time.

The device offers operational flexibility in complete safety and allows the application of various percutaneous and eco-guided currents.

Its dimension and small size allow for easy transportation.

Physio Invasiva 2.0 is a class IIb medical device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

Physio Invasiva 2.0 works through intratissutal application of galvanic electrical currents, PES, PES 2.0, microcurrents and TENS. Galvanic currents, thanks to their healing and regenerative properties, allow for a safe and accurate performance of USGET. The alternating currents (PES, PES 2.0, microcurrents and TENS), acting on neuromodulation, can have both an antalgic and anti-inflammatory effect. Additionally, these alternative currents can be utilized independently or as a support to the galvanic current to amplify its effect and reduce pain.

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