Auxotonic work
Re-education of the lower limb in open kinetic chain (OKC).

What is Flextensor

OKC elastic resistance device

Flextensor is an elastic resistance device designed for the rehabilitation and the training of the lower limb musculature in open kinetic chain (OKC).

The special design of the device and a very easy configuration of the load allow for the execution of plyometric exercises at variable angular speed without the inertia typical of weight machines. Additionally, the elastic resistance load can be adjusted to work for both extension and bending exercises ensuring great flexibility of use.

Flextensor is a class IIb medical device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

Depending on the selected working mode, the device can really be an asset throughout the various rehabilitation stages and training of the healthy subject. Flextensor allows for the execution of auxotonic exercises for both the extensor and flexor muscles of the knee, with the possibility of programming series and repetitions in both monopodalic and bipodalic mode. Additionally, the device allows maximum speed during gesture execution and helps stimulate neuromuscular coordination.

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