Auxotonic work
Re-education of the lower limb in closed kinetic chain.

What is Vector

Vector Vector

Vector is an elastic resistance device designed for the rehabilitation and the training of lower limb muscles. It works with the closed kinetic chain, an exercise modality which presupposes muscular activation in co-contraction of the agonist and antagonist muscles with positive feedback on joint stability and proprioceptive stimulation. Moreover, the technical peculiarities of the device make it ideal for the stimulation of specific sports gestures and plyometric work in controlled load.

In addition, Vector’s elastic resistance can be modified to include up to 8 elastic bands with a double strength option for the central 4.

Vector is a class IIb medical device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

Vector is particularly suited for post traumatic rehabilitation stages and in postoperative treatments. Depending on the selected elastic load it can also be useful for the training athletes. Furthermore, Vector allows for the execution of high and low speed exercises, with or without arrests. An axial load operation with a horizontal sliding track of the seat allows for early work on the limb in the post-injury without body weight stress.

Working in closed kinetic chain encourages the co-contraction of the flexors and extensor muscles of the lower limb, reduces the burden of the tibia on the femur, avoids anterior drawer, and mitigates the patellofemoral compression forces.

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