Auxotonic work
Elastic device for an early and active recovery.

What is Minivector

Minivector is a small and compact device designed for the recovery of the movement and the muscular awakening of various anatomical districts such as the upper, lower and core limb. Easy to regulate and to transport, Minivector is an elastic resistance device suitable for use at the gym and at home. The resistant load can be adjusted to include up to 6 elastics and the footrest tilted from 0° to 90° to guarantee great flexibility of use.

The optional footrests have been designed to stimulate both proprioception and use in bipodalic mode.

Minivector is a class I medical device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

Minivector is particularly suited for an early and active rehabilitation of patients suffering from orthopedic traumatic pathologies. Predicting and reducing the inactivity period is essential for preventing significant losses of functionality and accelerating the healing process. Its design characteristics, shape and elastic load make it safe and practical even in the immediate postoperative care.

Moreover, Minivector is ideal in daily practice to execute plyometric work with controlled elastic load.

Click and drag on the 3D picture to make it spin ⊛

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