Physio hyperthermia
Solid and professional, the world best-selling device for physio hyperthermia.

What is Delta

Delta for physio hyperthermia Delta for physio hyperthermia

Delta is an electromedical device designed for the performance of hyperthermic electromagnetic wave therapies. It induces local and deep hyperthermia (up to 6 /7 cm) with great accuracy and temperature control of the tissues. Additionally, Delta allows for the replication of the same treatment over time, a crucial advantage when it comes to the treatment of specific pathologies.

To this day, Delta remains the worldwide best-selling device for the performance of physiotherapeutic hyperthermia.

Delta is a class IIb medical device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

Delta’s peculiarity consists in the combination of two sources of energy (the bolus of thermostat liquid and the generator of electromagnetic waves) which operate simultaneously on the desired area. This allows to bring the hyperthermal stimulus in depth, without overheating the superficial layers of the epidermis. Moreover, Delta allows to maintain constant overtime the fixed levels of stimulation and to create a local hyperthermal distribution, deep, homogenous and continuously monitored.

The effects of physiotherapeutic hyperthermia upon the locomotor apparatus are: the reduction of pain, the recovery of chronic degenerations, and the extension of joint movement.

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