Proprioceptive re-education
Electronic balance board for the stimulation of the proprioceptive system.

What is Libra

Electronic proprioceptive balance board

Libra is an electronic proprioceptive balance board which works on the articulation of the ankle and lower limb. The stimulation of proprioception, balance and neuromuscular coordination makes Libra a powerful instrument for training and strengthening the hip, knee and ankle muscles. In fact, Libra, thanks to its software and the possibility of adjusting instability, is a fundamental means for testing balance and training proprioception.

In addition, Libra’s visual and acoustic feedback actively engages the user, while the programming, gathering and storing of work data allows to plan and create custom tests and exercises. Moreover, thanks to its small size, Libra is light and portable.

Libra, the electronic proprioceptive balance board, is a CE device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

The proprioceptive method consists in the improvement of the control capabilities of the movement and the joint stability of the user, aimed at the rapid empowering of gestures and coordination. The neuromuscular work and the proprioceptive exercise executed with Libra constitute a valid aid in preventing injuries in athletes and falls in the elderly. Libra is moreover ideal for the expression of instantaneous force.

Finally, Libra’s software allows the operator to test global balance and evaluate the risk index of ankle distortion.

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