Cryo T

Portable cryotherapy for fast and safe cold treatments.

What is Cryo T

Cryo T portable device

Cryo T is a portable device for the performance of cryotherapy. It allows the operator to always have the cold at hand through the placement of a metal plate on the skin, causing the subtraction of heat. The treatment obtained with Cryo T is fast and safe and successfully avoids any risk of cold burns that can result from ice usage. Moreover, Cryo T ensures the continuous control of the temperature and the maximum energy exchange between the tissues.

In addition, its small dimension and contained weight allow for easy transportability.

Cryo T is a class IIb medical device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

The local application of cold is indicated in all those states of acute inflammation resulting from trauma and as a support to other methods in the later rehabilitation stages. Moreover, the controlled alternation of high and low stages of temperature positively benefits the peripheral circulation by promoting the mobility of the treated articular district. In addition, cryotherapy with thermal contrast is particularly useful when it comes to the prevention of hematomas and the reduction of muscle spasm. Finally, Cryo T is also efficient for the cooling of an anatomical district that has been treated with other methods at the end of a rehabilitation session.

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