Electronic and portable device for the facilitation of the Nordic Hamstring exercise.

Nordic Hamstring exercise device

What is N3

N3 is an instrument designed to execute the Nordic Hamstring exercise and to measure the eccentric and isometric force of the knee flexors. By using N3 you can train autonomously, correctly execute the Nordic Hamstring exercise, and, thanks to the dedicated biofeedback, monitor your progress. In addition, the software’s user interface allows the operator to easily scan the performance metrics of a single subject or an entire group.

N3 has been designed to be folded and carried, in order to encourage utilization both at the gym and on the training field.

N3 is a CE device in compliance with EU directives.

How does it work

The Nordic Hamstring Exercise is an exercise for the eccentric reinforcement of the rear muscles of the thigh, fundamental to prevent injuries to the knee flexors. The exercise is performed by kneeling, strapping the ankles, letting the body fall anteriorly and controlling the fall through the activation of the musculature itself. In addition to this type of eccentric exercise, N3 can be utilized to measure the isometric force of the knee flexors. To correctly measure isometric force, start from a lying position with the ankles blocked by the specifically designed straps, place your forearms on the ground to sustain the upper body, and then pull while keeping the ankles upwards.

Moreover, the data that the N3 software gathers can be stored and consulted, allowing for the continuous monitoring of the subject or the group.

Nordic Hamstring exercise device Nordic Hamstring exercise device

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