Cryo T
Cryotherapy for the treatment of pain in Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, the ideal mean in combination with active mobilization exercises
  • Cryotherapy with Peltier effect
  • Continuous control temperature between +2°/+10°
  • Treatments with high thermal conductivity
  • CryoT associable with lasertherapy

Administration and exogenous heat subtraction to activate the biological effects that have an advantage in the rehabilitation program. Cryotherapy recommended in the acute phases and in combination with other methods during the later stages of rehabilitation. Contrast therapy particularly useful in the treatment of pain and hematomas.
The Cryo T device is equipped with a handpiece applicator with special metal plates with high thermal conductivity.
The cold plate temperature is adjustable between min 2°C up to max 10° C. The device grants continuous temperature monitoring during each treatment and high-energy exchanges at tissue level thanks to the high heat conductivity of the metal and to the heat "pumping" activated by means of a solid state active heat pump (Peltier effect).
Cryo T has a microprocessor control system and a touch-screen control panel; it offers manual set up or direct access to preset application modes.
Small size and light weight are easier to transport.

Cryo T is a medical device according to Directive 93/42 / EEC.

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