Lavoro isoinerziale
Device for isoinertial training in eccentric and concentric contraction of the lower limbs.

What is squat

Squat is an isoinertial training device and a useful platform for muscle building, with both steel and aluminum weights available. Based at its core on the movement of the squat and its vertical traction variants, this device is designed to improve your patient’s ability to accelerate and stop. It is an isoinertial tool, that is, an instrument in which all acceleration options are proportional to the strength applied by the athlete.
The cylindrical shape of the disc implies that:

  • the load applied is constant,
  • peak force occurs when starting and stopping the device,
  • both concentric and eccentric stages are performed in a continuum.

How does it work

Squat is an isoinertial device with a fixed radius cylindrical wheel that functions by exploiting the concept of inertia. The disc stores energy in the concentric phase of the extension of the lower limbs, which is then released in the eccentric stage by reversing the direction of the wheel.

Therefore, in the eccentric phase of descent, the isoinertial training device produces a downward force, which the athlete must oppose and control by exerting an overload in the motor execution.

To vary the moment of inertia, the load must be changed, that is, the weight of the disc. The higher its weight, the more strength the athlete will need to apply to start and stop the device. Thanks to the Squat platform you will be able to train your patients in 5 ways of increasing intensity:

  • Without weights
  • With 2 aluminum weights
  • With 4 aluminum weights
  • With 2 steel weights
  • With 4 steel weights

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