Oxylife 90W

Hyperbaric chamber
Single-seat chamber for horizontal hyperbaric oxygen therapy, complete with mask.

What is Oxylige 90W?

Oxylife 90W is a medical device for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, consisting of a single chamber with 93% pure oxygen compression or air compression by mask. The treatment system can be carried out by automated or manual program.

  • 2 absolute atmospheres maximum pressure (2 ATA)
  • Exact pneumatic pressure control
  • Audiovisual entertainment system
  • Customizable internal seat
  • Wide transparent opening to maintain eye contact with the patient

How does it work?

Treatment with a hyperbaric chamber, better known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, is devoid of any side effects and absolutely non-invasive.

High oxygen levels, which can reach poor blood flow or oxygen-free areas, help the body heal in a natural and rapid way, as well as rejuvenating the skin. It improves athletes’ performances and reduces recovery times.

Oxylife 90W is a safe and comfortable device for oxygen therapy.

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