Ongoing training now at the very heart of our offer

La formazione in fisioterapia al cuore dell’offerta Easytech

What is Prim Academy Italia?

Prim Academy Italia is a 360-degree learning community for physiotherapy, a single educational website to grow together, share and humanize health, with a new educational style: at your fingertips in any place and at any time.

In Prim Academy Italia you will find face-to-face, blended and remote learning, webinars and much, much more.

Disclaimer: as for now, the educational offer of Prim Academy Italia is only available for Italy and Italian-speaking countries.

About the courses: quality and internationalization

In Prim Academy Italia you will find the best CME courses (Continued Medical Education) for physiotherapists around, both online and on-campus, as well as in-depth training on medical technologies and more. The educational offer of Prim Academy Italia is based on the sharing of evidence-based clinical practice from several countries.

In Prim Academy you will be able to access:

  • Online and on-campus classes on a wide range of physiotherapy methodologies and equipment
  • CME courses for physiotherapists
  • In-depth courses on specific Easytech physiotherapy equipment and more
  • An always updated library of clinical and technical evidence
  • Exclusive video content created by our specialists.


In addition to this, Prim Academy Italia offers you a chance to:

  • Join university research groups for clinical trials and publishing
  • Take part in educational exchanges in Spain in authorized Prim centers.

About the teachers

The goal of Prim Academy Italia is to create a place for health and wellness professionals to  share their clinical and technical knowledge with you.

Together with Easytech you will meet other leading figures in the European physiotherapy scene. The Academy’s Scientific Director is Dr. Luca Barni, physiotherapist, osteopath, specialist in sport science, PhD in human health sciences.

Prim Academy Italia believes in the exchange of technical and managerial skills between industry experts from various countries: our speakers are internationally renowned specialists in their respective fields, such as Ana Fernández Mora, an expert in dermatofuncional physiotherapy, and Dr. Jahn Dubery Manchola, PT, PhD, MsC, pelvic floor care expert and lecturer at the University of Barcelona.


Sign up to one of the upcoming classes to join the learning community of Prim Academy Italia.

Additionally, by purchasing any of Easytech equipment you get access to the various training resources specific foryour physiotherapy device, to better understand the technology and make the most out of it.

Access to the courses is free of charge for 3 months.

The first on-campus class starts in May 2023 in Florence, where a course on pelvic floor rehabilitation is already scheduled for May 20.

Book your spot by clicking on  the following link.

Discover all the CME courses scheduled for 2023 on the Prim Academy Italia InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn page, or visit our website for the upcoming in-depth courses about specific technologies.

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