How to organize your physiotherapy practice

  • How the layout of your physiothrapy practice impacts your work
  • The benefits of a positive therapeutic environment
  • Electromedical devices, your key to success
  • How to plan the interior of your practice?
  • Who can help you

How the layout of your physiothrapy practice impacts your work

Finally you are done with all the bureaucratic aspects concerning the opening of your clinic: you are now ready to open your physiotherapy center and/or practice or to renovate the one you already have. But how does choosing the right electromedical devices and interior impact your work? To avoid ending up working in a chaotic and badly organized environment, it is fundamental to invest in the best devices and to know in advance what the layout of your practice is going to look like.

The benefits of a positive therapeutic environment

Our physiotherapy studio immediately conveys who we are as professionals to our patients and counts as their first impression of us, therefore it has to communicate professionality, reliability, and hygiene. Thinking ahead about furniture, colors and the characteristics of the devices to adopt means choosing the best communication strategy.

Today we are more aware of the effect that efficient communicative strategies can have on recovery. Just like encouraging words help patients feel better about their experience, a positive, cozy and comfortable therapeutic setting can make a difference in their path to recovery as well. What type of healing experience are we offering our patients by populating our practices with austere, uncomfortable, almost mystical-looking devices, that in some cases look like they came out of a bad “Return to the future” remake?

Instruments developed with care, comfortable both for the patient and the physiotherapist, can also appear elegant and contribute to the sensation of cleanliness and reliability we want to convey.

Electomedical devices, your key to success

Recently, since manual therapy is being combined more and more with new technologies, choosing the right devices has become a fundamental step. Investing in a set of good, high-quality electromedical devices will prove beneficial in the long run and boost the success of your practice.

This does not mean spending an insane amount of money: you can start by simply buying a few key devices and expand your selection later in the future.

Additionally, some devices are easier to customize with specific treatments in mind: for instance, a physio hyperthermia device can be useful both during the early stages of rehabilitation and to treat chronic pathologies. On the other hand, elastic resistance devices allow you to switch from light loads with a low joint impact, essential in the first stages of rehabilitation, to heavier loads that are instead necessary during the later stages for a complete recovery of the athletic gesture.

How to plan the interior of your practice?

Finally, assess the available spaces and the type of services offered to create an efficient layout filled with practical and multi-functional areas.

For instance, think about those treatments which are usually combined with others, such as manual therapy, diathermy and shockwaves, these devices will need to be moved around.

A completely different kind of organization will instead be required if the focus of your practice is on the recovery of strength and muscle resistance. In this case isokinetic devices, which are normally not carried around, will be necessary and will probably feature in an environment similar to that of a gym.

Moreover, keep in mind that specific physiotherapy treatments, such as urogynecological ones for the health of the pelvic floor or dermatofunctional ones, require specific environments that need to be both clean and private.

Who can help you

Opening or updating a physiotherapy practice is an interdisciplinary task, involving different professionals and specialists.

Easytech provides a vast array of products both branded and on resale, accurately chosen to guarantee the maximum comfort and safety both for the physiotherapist and the patient. In addition to a complete set of devices, we offer an academy and a technical assistance service that can help you thanks to its decades-long know-how in the rehabilitation and physiotherapy field and a network of dedicated professionals to help you open or upgrade your physiotherapy practice.

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