Choosing the right devices to build an efficient rehabilitation program

Scegliere i macchinari per un buon programma riabilitativo
  • How to open a physiotherapy center with a good rehabilitation program
  • A good method to guide our choice: the 5-steps rehabilitation program
  • Choosing the right devices
  • Interdisciplinary advice

How to open a physiotherapy center with a good rehabilitation program

You want to open or reorganize your physiotherapy center and you want to make sure that your choices are both functional and successful. Since manual therapy is being paired more and more together with the latest technologies, choosing the right electromedical devices has become fundamental: but which ones should you choose?

To avoid buying useless devices destined to sit in a corner and collect dust, it is important to define a method to guide us in the organization of the spaces in our center, in addition to the work we are already performing on our patients.

Here’s how our 5-steps rehabilitation program can help you in this task.

A good method to guide our choice: the 5-steps rehabilitation programme

The 5-steps rehabilitation program or method is a true way of working developed by Easytech after more than 20 years of experience and research with rehabilitation and sports medicine experts.

The possibility to measure the objectives achieved allows one to switch from one step to the next, while minimizing the risks for both the tissues and the joints involved, while also guaranteeing the total customization of treatments.

Thanks to this, the physiotherapist is able to follow the patient up until the complete recovery of the functional gesture.


  • Step 1 – Pain and inflammatory reaction control: a stage dedicated to the resolution of the initial inflammatory symptomatology and of pain, following an injury or in the immediate post-operative period.
  • Step 2 – ROM recovery: the aim here is the recovery of the complete ROM of the joint or of a specific gesture without any pain.
  • Step 3 – Recovery of strength and muscle resistance: the aims here are toning and muscle strengthening through methods allowing both training, evaluation and the monitoring of the performance.
  • Step 4 – Coordination recovery: specific for the recovery of neuromotor coordination and proprioceptive sensibility, which might have been affected by musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Step 5 – Recovery of the gesture-specific ability: the final step is focused on the recovery of the daily gestures for the patient and, for the athlete, the recovery of the sport-specific gestures and agonistic activity.

Choosing the right medical devices

Correctly dividing the rehabilitation path in 5 distinct steps can become an efficient method to choose the most useful medical and electromedical devices for our physiotherapy center.

If, in fact, we choose the best devices for each step of the program, our physiotherapy center will be provided with all the necessary devices to help the patient throughout the whole path, from trauma to the return to daily routine.

Otherwise, we might decide to rely, vertically, on only one or two steps of the program: for instance, we might focus on the recovery of neuromotor coordination or muscle strength.

In this case, we choose specific devices for the specific aims we set ourselves.Some devices can be used in different ways: for instance, a device for physio hyperthermia is a useful instrument both during the initial phases of an injury, and to treat chronic pathologies. Or keep in mind that an elastic instrument for the training of the low limb can switch from light loads with low joint impact, necessary during the first rehabilitation stages, to the heavier loads that are instead useful in the later phases, for a complete recovery of the athletic gesture.

Interdisciplinary advice

Opening or renovating a physiotherapy center by choosing the right devices is an interdisciplinary endeavor, involving different types of professionals and experts.

Easytech can count on a wide variety of products of its own production and as an exclusive reseller of some of the most important European companies in the sector.

In addition to a vast array of electromedical devices, we rely on the services of experts coming from other fields such as architects and marketing experts which will help you organize the spaces and the promotion of your physiotherapy center.

We are at your disposal with our informed know-how in the field of rehabilitation and a network of professionals to help you open an efficient physiotherapy center to support your best skills.

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