Genital Syndrome of Menopause and tecar therapy: what are the benefits?

Over the years, diathermy has proven to be an efficient alternative to other types of therapies for the treatment of the Genital Syndrome of Menopause – GSM, thanks to its discreteness and lack of collateral effects. In fact, by performing the treatment with its unipolar and bipolar probes, both specifically designed for urogenital use, diathermy stimulates collagen production, improves firmness, and increases pelvic tone.

What is GSM and what does it involve?

However, the name “Genital Syndrome of Menopause” is relatively recent as it corresponds to what was once known as vulvovaginal atrophy. As of today, we know that this pathology, among its already known symptoms, includes a certain number of additional symptoms which can have strong repercussions on both the sexual and daily life of female patients, such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • burning or vulvar and vaginal discomfort
  • loss of firmness and vaginal dryness
  • hypotonicity
  • loss of sexual satisfaction on the part of the woman and her sexual partner
  • dyspareunia (either discomfort or pain during sexual intercourse)
  • urinary incontinence
  • recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI)

GSM: effects and causes

The causes underlying the genital syndrome of menopause (henceforth GSM) mainly consists in a decrease in estrogens and of other hormones typical of the menopause. However, other factors too can contribute to the developing of this syndrome, such as numerous vaginal births and aging.

In particular, the decrease in estrogen brought forth by the arrival of the menopause involves a decrease in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid content in the tissues. Vaginal epithelium starts shrinking, vascularization and secretions decrease, leaving the vagina much more vulnerable to the irritations and traumas of sexual intercourse. The general change in the flora and the vaginal pH, as well as some anatomical genitourinary alterations, such as the involution and the depletion of the labias, are all ascribable to GSM. A diagnosis for GSM can be made through a careful anamnesis and an evaluation of the symptoms found during gynecological examination.

T Care Plus Vag as a solution to GSM

However, today pelvic floor physiotherapy has found an additional means to improve the quality of life of their female patients. In recent years, together with the already established laser treatment, hormonal treatment and the use of moisturizers and lubricants, diathermy has become an efficient, non-invasive, and almost devoid of collateral effects, supplement. Let’s take a look at how T Care Plus Vag can help treating GSM more efficiently.

Diathermy’s therapeutic energy performed with T Care Plus Vag induced by radiofrequency electromagnetic currents, is transferred inside the vaginal channel in a uniform way using either monopolar or bipolar probes, specifically designed for both internal and external urogenital use. The electromagnetic energy transfer triggers an alternation of positive and negative charges, inducing a change in polarity among the ions and the molecules of the body tissues. This generates a temperature increase among vaginal walls, an increase in vascularization and the activation of fibroblasts. The cellular and extracellular changes stimulate a new production of collagen, which in turn helps the remodeling and the strengthening of connective tissue.

Easytech vaginal probes, endowed with temper sensors and 360º emission of energy, allow for a homogeneous distribution of the power output and an increase of temperature, which is even, safe, and controlled.


It has been demonstrated that, in female patients affected by GSM, an internal temperature increase up to 45°C stimulates the production of collagen and helps improving the pelvic tone in general. Finally, thanks to T Care Plus Vag it is possible to fight external vaginal aging and obtain aesthetic results like the remodeling of the labias and vaginal tone, while at the same time improving both sensitivity and sexual satisfaction.

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