Tecar therapy and Assisted Manual Treatment (AMT)

Tecarterapia e Trattamento Manuale Assistito

Rehabilitation with tecar therapy

One of the most efficient and most used physical means in rehabilitation is tecar therapy, an endogenous type of thermotherapy capable of significantly reducing both rehabilitation and recovery times. By activating the body’s natural repair processes through radiofrequency, tecar therapy triggers a thermal response which results in an immediate analgesic and anti-inflammatory action over the tissues

What is Assisted Manual Therapy?

Assisted Manual Therapy (AMT) is a healing technique involving the use of trademarked stainless-steel instruments, and whose clinical efficacy mainly resides in the capability of the instruments to fully treat connective tissues, be it muscle-tendon, ligamentous capsule or neuro-peripheral, and to efficiently and shortly obtain an hyperemizing, vascularizing, detaching and muscle-tendon traction effect. Recently, this methodology has become increasingly popular among scholars thanks to the publication of many studies testifying to its efficacy in treating connective tissue.

Combining the two methods

Through continuous confrontation with expert and specialized personnel which base their daily therapeutic practice over the use of the two methods separately, the urge to integrate tecar therapy performed with T Care with Assisted Manual Therapy (AMT) was born.

By exploiting the characteristics of both, the combined use of AMT and T Care allows an effective treatment which no other type of therapeutic integration can provide. The specific concave and convex curvilinear shapes of AMT’s instrumentation perfectly adapt on all body districts, therefore greatly improving the sensation felt on the skin by the patient.

Thanks to the highly researched design of the instruments, it is also possible to achieve a highly precise and targeted resistive treatment, reaching for tissue depths which would be otherwise unreachable using simple resistive electrodes.

AMT as a support to T Care

Furthermore, AMT instruments wholly adapt to the tissues of the patient thanks to T Care’s control of the impedance, allowing the instruments to slide on the skin without risking peaks or undesired burning sensations and to perform a more efficient tissue mobilization through the benefits induced by tecar therapy.

Moreover, by using T Care’s specific adhesive return plates, it is possible to perform Assisted Manual Therapy in dynamic mode, and additionally combine it with an appropriate therapeutic functional exercise.

Desirable outcomes

By simultaneously integrating Assisted Manual Therapy AMT with tecar therapy performed with T Care, the practitioner can completely and three dimensionally treat connective tissues, in both static and dynamic mode, exponentially increasing their efficacy, their therapeutic outcome and drastically reducing healing times.

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