Tecar therapy: patients and manufacturers reviews

Tecarterapia: le opinioni di pazienti e produttori

The patient’s experience

During treatments with tecar therapy the therapeutic heat deeply penetrates the tissues, resulting in patients often feeling a delightful sensation. The heat induces vasodilation and stimulates the lymphoid system to melt tissue’s adhesions.

Why do patients enjoy tecar therapy:

– Extremely tolerable

– Enjoyable heat sensation

– Safe and efficient

– Noninvasive

– The treatment starts in the acute stage (48 hours after the wound)

– Both passive and active physical therapy are possible

– Accelerates the recovery

Why is tecar therapy so efficient?

Tecar therapy devices, among which figures Easytech’s T Care line, can be ranked according to the number of diseases they can treat.

The possibility of working with different frequencies be it either with T Care Plus or T Care Power, allows for the optimization of the treatment when it comes to depth of stimulation.

The vast majority of handlepieces and accessories specific to the T Care line for tecar therapy allows for the treatment of different anatomical regions.

However, other than the use in orthopedic rehabilitation and functional recovery, the employment of specific bipolar handlepieces extends the application of tecar therapy to dermofunctional treatments.

Tecar therapy is easy and versatile to use.

Without risk of exposition to undesired magnetic fields for the practitioner and the patient alike.

Tecar therapy devices manufacturers

As manufacturers of tecar therapy devices we have thought it best to add some precautions into the T Care line devices:

  • Measurement and indication of the energy transferred to the tissues (J)
  • Ability to emit energy in both continued and pulse mode
  • Costant voltage supply
  • Index resistance display
  • Easy-to-use handle for power adjustment and start/ stop handling of treatments
  • Energy emission indicator for the whole line of monopolar and bipolar handpieces
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