Purchase and installation

First of all verify whether the product you are looking for is available in our shop, in case not do not hesitate and contact us by e-mail at providing the description of the product and your details, or call us at +39 055 8455216.

The standard policy establishes delivery Ex Works, with transports at the purchaser’s expense and attention.

Installation, where applicable, is completed by the authorized dealer or by personnel of Easytech. For further information please contact


In the Maintenance section of the User Manual you will find all useful information to preserve the equipment in good working order.

In order to know if it is possible to update the software of your device, please contact Fabrizio Dalla Vecchia:

Contact Fabrizio Dalla Vecchia:

For all technical information such as the endurance of the elastics for the auxotonic work, or the device power supply, please contact Fabrizio Dalla Vecchia:

Physio Hyperthermia

Refer to the User Manual, section “Malfunctions”, problem E0 and follow the instructions in paragraph “Instructions for the liquid refilling”.

The Thermocouple (the wire below the Bag) should never be detached from the Bag (see paragraph “Position of the superficial temperature sensor with respect to the applicator” to be sure the thermocouple is properly applied). If the TC comes off, use the round stickers supplied or a medication patch to secure it on the Bag.

For optimal hygiene, it is recommended to clean the Bag with a disinfected cloth or to wrap the treated area with cling film for food. WARNING: NOT ALUMINIUM!!!

In order to tighten the arm, use the Allen wrench supplied and torque the two adjusting screws, which you can reach through the holes in the central carter of the arm.

Tecar Therapy

If you are using one of the white handles, it is possible to understand whether the device is delivering energy by checking the light emitted (red for resistive, blue for capacitive treatment). If the light inside the handle is on, then the device is running.

It is possible to read the applied energy on the display of the device. You can set up each treatment establishing your desired amount of energy, or the duration of the session.

The indicator of resistance is located in the central area of the display. If it rises abnormally, check if the cream on the plate and under the active electrode is enough.

On the website, you may find the manual “Treatment Guidelines” for the use of T Care devices.


It consists in a movement at constant speed. You can set up different angular speeds, according to the different force loads applied to the patient.

With the Genu line you can only treat the knee. The Prima Line allows treatments on knee, ankle and shoulder.

Double check if the supply cable is properly connected to the 220V mains. Make sure that the power switch I/0 is on I; in the Plus versions, check that the red safety button is disarmed (in the direction of the arrow).

The air in the circuit causes the noise. To restore the regular operating conditions please refer to the instructions in the User Manual, paragraph “Air removal procedure”

Auxotonic Workout

The elastics have a long-term standard duration. It is recommended to replace them when the surface becomes rough. You can purchase new elastic sets online on the website You will find the replacement instructions in the User Manual.

Each elastic provided ensures about 6 kilos of pre-load (“at rest” position of the seat) and doubles the load (12 kilos) when the patient/athlete reaches the maximum extension of the leg. If you wish to increase the load, you can choose the N 4 elastic kit at “Double strength” and place them instead of the 4 central elastics.

The device is provided with a kit of adhesive grip strips that may be applied to the footboard.


The warranty is for 24 months. The assistance during the warranty period does not cover the expenses for transportation or travel that may be necessary in case of a possible intervention at Easytech headquarters or at the customer’s premises

The authorized dealer where applicable, or Easytech.

The warranty consists in the commitment of the dealer to replace or repair free of charge the parts that might break down for bad quality of the material or for manufacturing defects. All damages deriving from inexperience, negligence or use of inappropriate materials are therefore excluded. The warranty does not cover those parts that for their own nature are subject to wear and tear.