The difference between past and future of diathermy
Nova is the system that revoluzionizes the concept of hyperthermia. While relying on the basic principle of the methodology, that is the possibility of heating a muscoloskeletal district at therapeutic values while controlling depth and intensity range, a brand new technology is exploited.
  • Deep controlled diathermy
  • Automatic set-up for each pathology and type of tissue
  • Operator indipendent
  • Minimum dimensions and weight for easy transport
  • Italian technology
The only endogenous thermotherapy that, using electromagnetic waves at a particular frequency (Radiative Diathermy or) allows a focused, deep and controlled action by measuring and controlling temperature, intensity and depth of treatment. Hyperthermia finds its application in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Nova of the range of motion. Its innovation derives from the combined use of two sources (a thermostated water bolus and an electromagnetic generator) available for simultaneous use in the treatment site through a closed loop control system developed to manage the power on the basis of the effects produced and measured.
This allows to bring the hyperthermia stimulus in depth without overheating of the superficial skin layers, monitoring the effect of hyperthermia, maintaining the stimulating set levels during times and creating selective and homogenous hyperthermia distribution.

is a very effective and versatile device, which can also be operated automatically (there is no need for the operator once the parameters have been selected), with zero operating costs (no consumables are required) and compliant with the European Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices.
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