Device designed for the assesment and active recovery of the shoulder
  • Isometric test and dynamic evaluation
  • Measurement of both force and angle with visual feedback
  • Guided exercises on proprioceptive rehabilitation
  • Elastic actuator with adjustable load up to 16 elastic bands
  • Equipped with levers for intra-extra rotation, elevation-abduction and pronation-supination of the forearm
Controlled Elastic Force
Controlled Elastic Force
Controlled Elastic Force
The work done with an elastic resistance, characterized by progressive load and lack of inertia, allows to perform tests and exercises that can be customized depending on individual motor abilities in order to promote precocious active recovery of larger joints.
The device is based on the concept of soft rehabilitation by using adjustable elastic bands and a computer.
The main difference between the work that can be done using Dynatorq and that done using plain elastic bands, which generally allow more “degrees of freedom” in an exercise, is that Dynatorq lets the therapist isolate a specific movement (intra-extra rotation, abduction, elevation) and workjust on it while guaranteeing at the same time a good repeatability of the exercise and the possibility of measuring the patient’s performance improvements session after session, or of making comparisons with the contra lateral shoulder.
can also be used for the conservative and post-surgery re-education of the upper limbs and to recover neuromuscular control. The device provides feedback and measures both the force applied and the bending angle of joints, and also enables the execution of isometric tests.
Dynatorq allows patients to carry out orthostatic exercises standing on two feet or seated along the sagittal, coronal and scapular axes.

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