Elastic device designed to reinforce the abdominal muscles and actively re-educate the spine
  • Elastic resistance with adjustable load up to 8 elastic bands
  • A graph representing the strength of the forse applied by the patient
  • Comfortable position and easy access
  • Very simple exercise performance
Controlled Elastic Force
Controlled Elastic Force
Controlled Elastic Force
The work done with an elastic resistance, characterized by progressive load and lack of inertia, allows to perform tests and exercises that can be customized depending on individual motor abilities in order to promote precocious active recovery of larger joints.
The strengthening of the abdominal muscles is of primary importance in physical therapy of lumbar back pain.
Dynaback, which was developed according to the indications of the Metodo Salvioli®, allows specific strengthening exercises of the abdominal muscles to be performed with minimum involvement of the hip flexors, hence with no or limited negative side-effects on the column.
This new device can be effectively used in the spine rehabilitation programs and for abdominal muscles strengthening in general.

has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the Salvioli® method
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