Tcell System

Thermal imaging
An infrared portable thermographic system to target and monitor physiological processes and pathologies.

What is Tcell System

Tcell System is a portable thermographic device allowing real time prevention and evaluation of various conditions and an accurate monitoring of the physiotherapeutic treatments performed.

Thermal imaging is a type of examination completely free of side effects, painless, non-invasive, easy to perform and free of any radiation.

Tcell System includes an infrared camera, a computer and a user-friendly software to develop and store thermal images. 

How does it work

By exploiting the heat emitted by the human body in the form of infrared electromagnetic radiations, Tcell System helps the therapist identify different types of tissue and any ongoing inflammatory processes.

This type of examination can be useful in different situations:

  • Sports assessment and prevention: thanks to its ability to recognize preclinical results, thermal imaging is commonly used as a preventive measure in sports.
  • Fast assessment: directly reports data about the patient’s physiopathology for a faster anamnesis, therefore facilitating a better understanding of the problem.
  • Keeping track of both treatment and recovery: thermal imaging helps us follow the patient’s clinical evolution and objectively assess recovery on the basis of quantifiable data.
  • Localize specific areas for targeted actions on the patient: clear differences between color and temperature guide us into localizing damaged areas to treat.
  •  Return to daily physical and sports activity: Returning to “thermal normality” indicates a good condition to go back to daily physical activity, while also minimizing the risk of relapse.

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